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“Fall Line Outfitters Company is the creation of passion, hard work and the idea of getting people on the streams and into the outdoors by providing quality products and excellent customer service. We take pride in the brand, the equipment we sell, the veteran products we carry and the causes we support. We are a proud veteran owned and operated company that leads our values.” – Craig Cook Owner


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December 13, 2021

Deer Hunting and the Days Gone By

Gun Deer season has come and gone for the 2021 season. The harvest is down from 2020 but that is also attributed to the 1% decrease in hunting licenses sold (Wisconsin DNR) and the lower numbers of hunters roaming throughout the state. As we reflect on a great season, the deer that were taken and the fair weather we encountered, we now look to next year and the potential challenges it poses and the positive take always from this year to make next year better. After every year I reflect on how things went, did the gear work, or fail? How did the deer stand or blind work in concealment or cover, did it keep me protected from the elements and was I comfortable? After the checklist has been gone over, and the gear is put away the planning for 2022 goes into hibernation for a few months before the ich takes over again when the temps cool, and the leaves begin to change.... +Read More

April 10, 2021

Outdoor Adventures Get A Early Start For 2021

What a early spring we have all experienced here in Central Wisconsin! I cant remember the last time I heard the birds chirping this early to welcome us all to another spring season. It seems fitting that mother natures gives us a small break after all the things folks have had to endure during 2020! ... +Read More

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We are proud to offer outdoor related classes in our 1903 downstairs classroom! We are constantly adding new and exciting topics to include Beginning to Fly Tying, Fly Fishing 101, Winter Camping and our newest class Ice Fishing 101!

Current class list and dates:

Beginning to Fly Tying: Class is a six-week course diving into the basic concept and understanding of what it takes to get into the art of fly tying. It starts with basic flies and advances as the course progresses through the weeks. All materials are provided with basic tools (bring your own if you have). Classes are Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm. Cost is $50 per person. 9 seats available first come first serve. Class dates: Feb 1,8,15,22, March 1,8.

Fly Fishing 101: Class is a six-week course hitting on the basics of fly fishing to include the history of fly fishing, bug entomology, how to read streams, fly selection, what gear you need, rod selection and the 6th week concludes off site for casting instruction. Classes are Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm. Cost is $50 per person. 9 seats available, first come first serve. Class dates: Feb 2, 9,16,23 March 2, 9 (off site).

Winter Camping: This class is one day and last for 2.5 hrs. The instruction is on the following, understanding the cold, types of winter camping, getting started, the next step, activities and useful Facebook sites. Class is open to 10 students, $20 per student, first come first serve. Class date: 15 January 2nd course TBD.

Ice Fishing 101: This class is the basics of how to get on the ice. Topics include, the basic you need to start, the correct gear to keep you warm, advanced electronics to enhance results, selecting your spot, and how to set tip up’s and how to jig. Class is one day course. 3 hrs long to include breaks. $20 per person and class is limited to 10 students. Class date is February 2022.

*Classes are first come first serve to reserve your spot* Call or stop into the shop to get your seat today! 715-544-0019




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