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We have spent a lot of time traveling around this great country while serving on military duty. If it was skiing as a family in the mountains of Flag Staff Arizona, hiking in the Grand Canyons or biking in Peninsula State Park Door County Wisconsin, we knew our next adventure after the military had to be all these passions rolled into one. In 2018 Fall Line the brand was launched! We have created comfortable everyday wear that the “average joe” can afford, wear and relax in while in their favorite environment. In January 2019 we opened our store in historic downtown Stevens Point WI. The “Gateway to the Pineries” is the cities slogan as many come here to stay and enjoy all the area has to offer or head farther north for more adventure. We will be here to help outfit no matter where your next adventure takes you!

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May 19, 2019

The Identity Of A Small Fly Shop

As every day passes I get asked why fly fishing and why in Central Wisconsin? Let me start by answering the first one. When I was a young man I was fortunate enough that in our family we had a lake cabin that Grandpa and Grandma owned. It was located in Southeast Wisconsin. The entire family from aunts, uncles, cousins and other family relatives would visit and stay for the weekend during the summer months. We had so much fun, swimming, boating and of course fishing. My grandfather a U.S Navy Machinist Mate on the Martin PBM Mariner aircraft flew with his crew on multiple combat sorties in the Second World War. He could always be found out in the garage working on little projects or coming inside the cottage for an occasional puff on the tobacco pipe. He was a stern man but loved to have the company of his family enjoying the property and watching what each grand child was up to. Which at times could be had for a good laugh. He had quiet the selection of fishing accessories. I can remember at times grabbing random rods and lures from the shelves and heading down to the water to see if I could catch a small mouth bass or some pan fish. This was a lot of fun until the day I ask "what is that funny looking wooden rod hanging from the wall?" With my own curiosity, I climbed up grab the rod and gave it a quick inspection. This was no ordinary rod and with the reel so far back on it I knew this was something I needed to give try. I headed down to the pier with this realistic fly on the end and started to cast it. At first, I'm sure from afar it looked like I was doing anything but casting a fly rod. After awhile I got the hang of it and found out how unique this method was and how the length of the rod (6wt 9ft) would whip the fly thru the air and land on the water like art. I was hooked! I became better at casting with each visit but like some teenagers the busy schedule of sports got in the way. 23 years later....with a pending military retirement on the horizon we decided to find that niche that no one in the area has done in sometime. Not to say the idea hasn't been brought up or other fishing shops in the area have not been successful and are in business to this day but not necessarily fly fishing. When most people think of fly fishing they think of the movie, "A River Runs Through It" with Brad Pitt. Why not....a great movie and the scenery is fantastic. Of course fly fishing in the west to include Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and the long list of great places to fly fish goes on. We also have unique areas here in the state of Wisconsin one called the "Driftless" which is located on the Southwest corner of the state. To answer the second part, why Central Wisconsin? The Central part of the state can hold it's own with more of the warm water fishing to include world class Musky in the Wisconsin River about 5 mins from the shop in downtown Stevens Point, great selection of Small Mouth Bass, pan fish and an assortment of some cold water streams for trout. Not only is this a great place for fishing but the location is fantastic for any traveler heading up to the Northwoods, down to the Driftless or even over to Lake Michigan area for Steel Heads! We definitely feel the need for a fly shop here, the support has been fantastic and with full time hours of operations on the horizon we are excited to see where this adventure takes us! Stop on by, have a cup of veteran owned coffee we have on tap, see the selection of ever growing inventory and see why we want to be your Central Wisconsin fly fishing headquarters! ... +Read More

February 3, 2019

Finding that Niche!

We definitely learn something new about business everyday. Small businesses have to if they want to stay in business! The biggest thing we have learned since our store has been open is the customer knows what they want. Yes its our store, it has the name we created above the entrance and the slogan’s painted… +Read More

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