October 6, 2019

Time Never Stops And Either Do We!

Where did the time go? Just last week it seemed it was spring and we were stocking up on flies for pan fish and now we are winding down the trout season? One thing in life we have learned no matter what we do the seasons change, people and things we once knew change and time keeps marching on!... +Read More

May 19, 2019

The Identity Of A Small Fly Shop

As every day passes I get asked why fly fishing and why in Central Wisconsin? Let me start by answering the first one. When I was a young man I was fortunate enough that in our family we had a lake cabin that Grandpa and Grandma owned. It was located in Southeast Wisconsin. ... +Read More

February 3, 2019

Finding that Niche!

We definitely learn something new about business everyday. Small businesses have to if they want to stay in business! The biggest thing we have learned since our store has been open is the customer knows what they want. Yes its our store, it has the name we created above the entrance and the slogan’s painted… +Read More

June 22, 2018

Thank you for all the support!

Over a week in the books and theĀ support and responses have been overwhelming! We cant thank everyone enough along with all the orders that have been placed! We are working hard to get the word out and working harder to bring new products to our brand. I hope to give everyone a sneak peak of… +Read More