Posted: February 3, 2019

We definitely learn something new about business everyday. Small businesses have to if they want to stay in business! The biggest thing we have learned since our store has been open is the customer knows what they want. Yes its our store, it has the name we created above the entrance and the slogan’s painted on the wall but its truly the customers store. Some may say “well yeah” no kidding if you want to keep your doors open. But some may say it but in the end they are set on what is on the shelves and eventually those shelves get dust and the lights go out for good. In this online day and age you have to get creative, you evolve, network and market thru social media. But you have to figure out what it takes to find that “niche” or you find a new profession!

The response from the community and our customers has been very positive and we have already started to forge that customer/store relationship which to us is the most important part! We are listening, we are asking what could you use to be outfitted on your adventure? We realize what we have on hand for inventory will easily change in a few months, not because of the change in season’s and bringing in what customers want for the warmer months but we realize to stay open you have to evolve!

We know what we are passionate about, we know why we named our brand and store “Fall Line Outfitters” it was to outfit customers with apparel and equipment for there needs to enjoy the outdoors this great state and area has to offer year around. However, to us it wouldn’t be enough to just be another store. Our goal is to make Fall Line a “destination”. So that brings it back to the title of this post. Finding that niche, that one thing or a few things that were really good at that customers not only from the area have to keep coming back for but other patrons who live outside of the area say ” we need to stop off in Stevens Point and go to Fall Line”!

We will continue to provide what customers need, continue to listen to feedback, evolve, gather information, research, network and decide what direction for 2019 we will go to make our store a destination! We have some pretty good ideas and can’t wait to share them with you soon!

One thing is for certain we’re glad we did this and even more satisfied to hold the title “small business owners”!