Posted: July 9, 2020

The good news is that this year has been a exceptional year for fishing! The weather has cooperated, temps have stayed par for the course for a normal year in anything but normal in other aspects of our lives. The DNR has reported that fishing license are up close to 45% higher than last year as folks are looking for other alternatives to social distancing or in some cases get back to a sport they loved but couldn’t find the time. Well…. they now have the time. At the fly shop we are seeing a new kind of customer who is intrigued with the sport of fly fishing, they are putting down the spinning rod and picking up a fly rod and hitting the local lakes, streams and rivers and trying there hand at the art of casting a fly. Helping outfit them is our bread and butter and we take great joy in spending the time talking, giving advice and setting them up with gear that is economic yet get’s the job done to a new angler in this sport.¬† We also have very educated consumer who takes the time to research new gear, packs, rods and flies that will take them to the next level on the stream. These were individuals who had immersed themselves in the sport and just catching a brown on the stream was exciting but now are ready to strap up a new pair of light weight wading boots and waders and head up stream to areas only some of our ancestor’s have seen generation’s ago. Is there hard work paying off? I would say! The pictures and the reports we are getting back are some of the biggest and nicest fish Central Wisconsin has seen in years! Which answers the other question we get a lot in the shop… Is there good trout fishing in Central Wisconsin? Well.. Its not like the Driftless region which¬† is world class in our back yard in Southwestern Wisconsin but the waters here in Central Wisconsin are really good if your willing to put in the work and effort you will be rewarded.

Getting outdoors this year has never been better, hiking, fishing, camping and the list goes on. Reconnecting to things we did as is a kid is cool again and the best part is we have the time to share it with others…

Thanks reading and “Forward”