Posted: November 18, 2020

We actually have been consistently busy, which has lead to lack of entries on the blog! We still have been adding new products to the store monthly. They may not be the big well known brands you have heard of but they are what we think is neat niche pieces to add to the shop and enhance the shopping experience at Fall Line! Here are a few of the products we have now available. Wild Spectrums Hemp logs made for home fireplaces or your outdoor campfire, made with real Hemp plants that has been legally raised in WI and has a rating and burn time of 3 hours with entire log or 15 mins + with each puck. This is a company that was started in 2020 right here in Wisconsin! We also have added a local artist’s  fly fishing art work to the shop for purchase and display! Adam Zins, he paints original fly fishing and outdoor art work that is simply amazing and we are super proud to have his work here at the shop! They are here to view and purchase to decorate your man cave, she shed, home or cabin! We doubled our Patagonia clothing and gear inventory to get you the gifts you are looking for and our fly fishing gear wall is plum full too! And of course back by popular demand Swan Creek candles and melts! These have a sustained smell rate thru the entire burn not just the first time! There literally is something for everyone here at Fall Line Outfitters Co!

We have other really exciting news in the near future to include our own coffee brand and roasts, new outdoor glove and gear company we purchased (more to come on both of these adventures soon). We also have a big announcement around the new year we cant wait to share!

Once last thing to mention before I end this entry, we also keep a real time inventory update here on our website of what we currently carry in the store to help enhance your shopping experience or if you feel more comfortable shopping from the comfort of your own home and we ship all products nationally!

As always we can’t thank each and everyone of you for your patronage especially during these times.. its because of you we plan to be here at the shop and online for the foreseeable future!

Thank you!

Craig- Owner