Posted: October 6, 2019

As I have transitioned from my former life wearing a uniform daily and working on mission orientated operations and planning into more of a tranquil life style of home every night, warm meal on the table the consistency of a ” normal” schedule I have come to appreciate the small things. I once felt that I needed to hurry up and experience everything in life “now”.  The rush of enjoying things at a pace most could only image has always been my priority. Maybe it was the multiple deployments and the down time spent dreaming of home and the feeling of missing out on a lot of things others would enjoy. So when returned home the chance to accelerate that experience was a priority. We all get caught up in life, the work, the practices in the evenings, the meals out, the enjoyment of company and of course for some the long awaited vacations. Everything is done meticulously to cram every last moment into every last minute and second each day holds. Why are we all like this? Why do we feel the rush of always having to be doing something?

I get asked a lot from customers how has the fishing been or when was the last time you were out fishing? I kind of chuckle and say well… Owning a Fly Fishing / Outdoor shop has its advantages but getting out fishing isn’t one!

When researching the possibility of bringing fly fishing to Stevens Point in our little store a lot of the statistics we would read online is that fly fishing and “regular” fishing has gone down in the past several years. Now some could argue with climate change the species of fish are down and the trout streams that once produced 20 fish per day are down to 5 but in all honestly most anglers you will talk to will say the past time of fishing is in decline because people live such busy life’s to actually slow down and throw a line in the water! For others fishing is there passion and when a free moment is had they are the ones getting into the 20 trout per day streams and hooking onto that 47′ Musky. Even those who don’t mind if something is caught enjoy the fresh air the atmosphere and the tranquil surroundings they are emerged in.

About a month ago I was interviewed by Wisconsin Outdoor Newspaper. They had heard that we had opened our shop and they came to check it out and get some information about what we offered and thoughts on fly fishing. One of the questions I was asked was “is fly fishing and fishing in general sustainable for a small shop like yours to succeed”?

With out hesitation I answered the question in this manner. “As the seasons change and the generations of sustainable fishing remains the great past time of fishing, fly fishing and the memories of casting a line with someone you enjoy, the beauty one finds in his or her surroundings and the challenge of finding that particular fly that’s biting, this sport will remain sustainable not only for Fall Line the store but for all those who can take a short break from this hectic life and cast a line”!

As we transition into the middle of October and the rain doesn’t seem to want to take a break, the trees are starting to turn and the cool crisp air returns ,I myself will try to pause for a moment, reflect, enjoy and try to take a moment to enjoy the little things this short life allows us…

As the fly bins get pushed to our fly tying room in the back and the snowboards and ski’s come out along with our winter wear we will always reflect and be gracious to the many customers who have walked thru our door, had a cup of coffee, learned about each other and supported us along this long journey.

Thank you and happy harvest!