Posted: February 25, 2020

Year 2 has started for us as a shop. Year 2 as brand will be official as of April when Fall Line was established back in 2018. Things we have learned in that time has been overwhelming but manageable. The time and effort as a small business owner that is required is consuming, detailed and at times exhausting.  The one thing I try to relate to other aspiring small business owners is buckle up… and be willing to except the grind it will require to be successful. Now would I consider us successful? No… Is the “open” sign on the door still getting flipped everyday? Yes! So in a way I guess that can be measured as a success! We never held a Grand Opening… Do I take anything away from those who do? Absolutely not, in fact it should be celebrated that anyone willing to take on this endeavor take a moment to pause and reflect on what it took to get the open sign hung on the front door. My thoughts were nothing is grand if we can’t work hard now and celebrate the small wins along the way when each goal and milestone is met.

So this sounds like a negative post, and honestly its far from being negative or un appreciative of where we are as of today… its a glimpse into the reality of what it takes to start, maintain and grow a small business. When asked by customers how business has been, I always smile, let them know the lights are on, inventory is still coming in and the coffee is still brewed daily with sincere appreciation of them stopping by. We know that business revolves around one thing… the awesome people who walk thru the door daily, take a look around, tell us there personnel stories of the fish they caught or the lodges they have frequented, point to us on our large map in the shop where they go and buy gear that will help be a part of there next story. And honestly it doesn’t get any better than that! The exciting part for Fall Line is the amount of people who have walked thru the door and shared a cup of coffee over there catch has grown and we couldn’t be more thankful. We have continued to listen of what the needs are of the community in a outdoor outfitting, fly fishing and classes we have held for those who are interested in tying up their first fly . The response have been overwhelming which has allowed us to bring in more great inventory from Patagonia, Simms Fishing, Eureka camping gear, Thorogood work boots and yet to be stocked Danner Hiking Boots (come March).

Are we going anywhere in 2020? Yes….Forward like the arrow on our logo shows… and with the continued support we plan on being here for a long time to come…

On ward and upward 2020…..