Fishing report Week of October 5th 2020

Fishing report for this week;
Water temps mid-day 50-56 degrees. Water levels are at, fall lows. Clear skinny water makes for some challenging fishing but the fish are happy and willing to take flies.
With the cooler fall temps we are see the return of the fall BWO’s that will offer some of the seasons final dry fly fishing. Unlike the spring hatch these b-dubs are much smaller. You may get away with a 16 for a little while but size 18 will fool trout readily. If the system you’re on has not yet had a hard frost the terrestrial fishing is still pretty decent, so don’t discredit your ants, beetles, and hoppers yet. On sunny days bring along a few caddis flies tan to gray size 16-14.
Underneath, fish are beginning to key in heavily on nymphs, baitfish, and leeches. Many fish will readily take a soft hackle fly this time of year, fished how you would a dry. Scruffy flashy nymphs will work just fine. For the hatch guys your PTs, caddis larva, and midge larva in 16s and 18s with a hot spot will fool alot of fish.
Only a week and a half left till the end of the season. Get out and enjoy some terrific fall fishing. – Guide Jerry

Fishing Report for September 21st

The fishing report for this week is:
Stream conditions, little elevated from recent rains with most systems returns to normal this week. Water temps 52-56.
Fish are hungry and looking up. Terrestrials bite is still going good if the fish are coming up and refusing the dry, try dropping a dropper 8-10in below it. A lot of times the fish will come into the dry and take the dropper instead. Try dropping a small beadhead nymph or a soft hackle below your hoppers, crickets, beetles or ants.
The sun and warmer weather this week will give off some nice evening caddis hatches. Size 14-16 elk hairs will fill the bill well.
Its back to leeches and streamers underneath. The fish are moving a long ways to eat a minnow fly or leech fly.
Try drifting some large leggy bugs through deep holes. The fish are very happy with the current water conditions and water temps right now.
Get out and fish!

Week of August 10th 2020

Water temps locally are in great shape! 58-62 on most systems with only a few seeing the mid 60s and above. The recent rains have helped to recharge our systems.
Its trico season. Get out early on the streams and experience some terrific fishing. Still seeing caddis, PMDs, and Iso’s in the evenings. Not too long now and the Ephron’s will be here too.
Mid day- it’s full on terrestrial season out there. Have an array of hoppers, beetles, and ants. Fish the shade when you can. The fish are in full ambush mode and they are very willing to move a long ways for the plop of a terrestrial.
The night fishing is still pretty strong with fish feeding happily on mouse and giant scruffy flies(chubby Chernobyl’s or the likes)skated or shook on the surface.
Remember to bring some water and a thermometer with you. Get out and fish!-Guide Jerry

Week of August 3rd

This weeks fishing report
Water levels locally are at great summer time levels. With the recent warm weather focus your times fishing mornings and evenings.
Its not full born terrestrial season yet…..but….the fish don’t know that! They are happily eating hoppers, beetles, and ants. Especially, with some of the breezy days we have had. Focus your efforts in shaded areas of the stream with over hanging vegetation or tree limbs. Watch for the evening caddis as many of the streams have very good caddis evenings.
With all this hot weather you’ll want to carry a thermometer with you. If the temps get above 65 degrees head somewhere cooler. There are plenty of cold streams around.
Maybe consider night fishing. The mouse bite and streamer bite has been fantastic with some very nice fish caught.
Get out and fish.

Week of 22 June 2020

With recent rain events all local streams are very plump full right now. I would suggest you give it a few days to let the ststems return to normal. The hex and brown drake fishing locally has been pretty good but with this heavy rain fall it will put them down for a little while. If you insist on getting out, try the smaller waters. Some streams are returning to their banks. We are fast approaching terrestrial season as the days are warmer and the water temps warming, carry an array of ants and beetles with you. As far as aquatics, caddis, sulphurs, and brown drakes in the evenings, pre hex will bring some fish to hand. Beneath the surface, large scruffy flies and San Juans are catching fish. With the high water don’t over look streamers. Water temps will vary on our systems 58-66 degrees. Go get em- Guide Jerry!

Fishing Report 8 June 2020

Water levels and temps are holding well with this heat wave that we’ve seen lately. Some systems are running a little low and could use another recharge. Water temps are in the mid 56-64 locally. With the warmer water temps the bigger mayflies have begun to make their appearance. Sulphurs, brown drakes, and yes, the mighty hex. Make sure to have the 3 flies above if you venture out for an evening fish. During the day. Breezy conditions are dropping ants and beetles in the stream all day. Caddis are still on the menu. Remember to bring water along if you’re planning a day adventure. Fish shaded areas during the daytime hours or take a break and start focusing on the best times of the day. Morning and evenings. Go fish!

Fishing Report for the Week of 1 June 2020

With recent rain events from the past week, the rivers have and are returning to normal conditions. The systems did really well with the recharge. Water temps, low 50’s in the morning reaching mid 50’s during the day. Current stream temperatures, 56 degrees. May flies will vary between central systems. Be prepared to see hendricksons, pmd’s bluewings, and sulfers. Cadis, there is a range from small to big sized cadis everywhere. Small black cadis from size 18 to regular tan cadis size 14. It woiuld be wise to carry an array of cadis flies. Don’t ingnore the terrerstrail, whilefishing in the breezing conditions. Your meadow strams have an abundance of ants and beatles, size 18 to 14’s. Fish are responding well to there under tree and shaded areas. Below the surface, various cadis nymphs and mayfly are taking fish. For some of the stained water that we still have in the area, try small leeches and steamers. Juvenile fish imitations reaching 1 to 2 inches will catch some of your large trout. Get out and Fish! –  Guide Jerry

Fishing Report Week of May 25th 2020

Water Temps mid 50’s. It’s bug season on our Central Wisconsin sands streams. Hendricksons, brown drakes, sulphers, caddis, ants, beetles, smaller hoppers (the little green guys, size 12,10). Its all happening. Fish are looking up all day. With warmer midday temps, focus your efforts in shaded areas. This time of year we can still fish through the day and still stay comfortable. Underneath, bug soup as well. A variety of nymphs will work right now. With the emergence of larger Mayflies you’re able to get away with larger nymphs. PT’s coper john, sulpher nymph, scruffy caddis nymphs are all taking fish. Size 14-10! Get out and Fish-Guide Jerry!!

Fishing Report 20th April 2020

Water Conditions are normal. No More run off from rain events have got our systems plump but clear. Water temps in the morning has been right around 42 degrees and climbs into the low 50’s by afternoon. Its those magic numbers. For bugs, Bluewings still around and on sunny day watch for them in the shaded areas of the stream. With temps in the low 50’s it means caddis time and the fish are happily eat them, even when they are not on the water. Fish are still eating streamers and leeches very well. In the nymphing world. They are taking larger scruffy nymphs like, caddis pupas, hares ears, pink squirrels very well. During this time of quarantine. There’s nothing better than getting outside and doing a little quarantine on the stream. -Go out and fish- Guide Jerry!

Fishing Report Week of 23 March 2020

The Streams are getting back to fish able conditions. Dropping and clearing. With almost all the snow gone locally the melt off is finally slowing down. Barring no rain events the forecast for this weekend should be great for fishing. Water temps are now reaching the low 40’s to mid 40’s. Fish are happily eating leeches and scuds. The warmer water temps are starting to see bwo’s. There are still a handful of winter stones and of course midges. Get out and fish! It’s going to be another great year as thinks kick off.

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