Posted: October 12, 2021

Fishing report

Well, what a year it’s been! We’re down to the last 5 days of trout season in the good ol Wisco.

Water temps 50-56. Fish are really charged up after the recent rains. This rain is what we really needed for the last week of our season. BWOs are here. Fish are looking up and happily sipping on them. In the absence of caddis and bluewings, lucky we’ve not yet had a frost so the terrestrials are filling the bill. Crickets and beetles are a big part of the fish’s diet right now. Size 14-10. Underneath, still the same game with fish gorging on well drifted patterns. Scuds, PTs, Frenchies, and Pats. All taking fish well. The streamer game is on! Some of the largest trout in our systems are starting their aggressive tendencies and are chasing flies down as they secure their ritual grounds. Look for deeper water near gravel and strip a large fly through it. Leeches are a great subtle follow up if the fish are reluctant to hammer you steamers. It’s been a great year! Get out and fish! Enjoy the last week of our season.

Guide Jerry