Posted: June 2, 2020

With recent rain events from the past week, the rivers have and are returning to normal conditions. The systems did really well with the recharge. Water temps, low 50’s in the morning reaching mid 50’s during the day. Current stream temperatures, 56 degrees. May flies will vary between central systems. Be prepared to see hendricksons, pmd’s bluewings, and sulfers. Cadis, there is a range from small to big sized cadis everywhere. Small black cadis from size 18 to regular tan cadis size 14. It woiuld be wise to carry an array of cadis flies. Don’t ingnore the terrerstrail, whilefishing in the breezing conditions. Your meadow strams have an abundance of ants and beatles, size 18 to 14’s. Fish are responding well to there under tree and shaded areas. Below the surface, various cadis nymphs and mayfly are taking fish. For some of the stained water that we still have in the area, try small leeches and steamers. Juvenile fish imitations reaching 1 to 2 inches will catch some of your large trout. Get out and Fish! –  Guide Jerry