Posted: October 8, 2020
Fishing report for this week;
Water temps mid-day 50-56 degrees. Water levels are at, fall lows. Clear skinny water makes for some challenging fishing but the fish are happy and willing to take flies.
With the cooler fall temps we are see the return of the fall BWO’s that will offer some of the seasons final dry fly fishing. Unlike the spring hatch these b-dubs are much smaller. You may get away with a 16 for a little while but size 18 will fool trout readily. If the system you’re on has not yet had a hard frost the terrestrial fishing is still pretty decent, so don’t discredit your ants, beetles, and hoppers yet. On sunny days bring along a few caddis flies tan to gray size 16-14.
Underneath, fish are beginning to key in heavily on nymphs, baitfish, and leeches. Many fish will readily take a soft hackle fly this time of year, fished how you would a dry. Scruffy flashy nymphs will work just fine. For the hatch guys your PTs, caddis larva, and midge larva in 16s and 18s with a hot spot will fool alot of fish.
Only a week and a half left till the end of the season. Get out and enjoy some terrific fall fishing. – Guide Jerry