Week of September 9th

Watch for dropping water levels. With the recent rains water is high and cloudy but systems are clearing and beginning to drop. This is a great time to fish streamers and San Juans. Water temp 58 degrees. Some systems are still seeing hatches of trico’s. Evening caddis and blue wings are showing up. Terrestrials are still going strong with many fish keying on ants. Get out and fish! – Guide Jerry

Week of 2 September 2019

Waters are low. But temps are in great condition. With low water levels expect clear water and spooky fish. Night time temps have helped to keep streams cold. Area wide temps 58-60. Watch for blue wings on cloudy days as the fall weather settles in. Still seeing caddis in the evenings. Terrestrials all day. Sub surface: Leeches, pheasant tails, and scuds are picking up fish. Things are setting up to be a great fall fishing season. Go Fish-Guide Jerry!

Week of 26 August 2019

Waters are clear and low. With the cool nights stream temps are perfect for this time of the year. 58-62 degrees. Fish are looking up and eating terrestrials. There are midge and caddis flies in the evening. GO FISH-Guide Jerry!

Week of 19 August 2019

With the temps we have seen lately this has been a great summer for trout fishing. Water levels are at late summer levels. Most streams are running low a little low but the fish don’t  seem to  mind. Most systems are gin clear now with a handful of systems a little stained to cloudy. Water temps 58-64. The fish are happily eating most of the day. During the high temp periods of the day focus on shaded areas but don’t overlook the grassy banks in full sun. This too is a shaded area. Remember to bring a thermometer and water along if your going to brave the mid-day hours. Fishing will slow if water temps get above 64 degrees. Terrestrials are the main food course now but evening caddis are returning and on the right system you could have a blast fishing to rising fish in the evening. GET OUT AND FISH!

Guide Jerry

Week of 12 August 2019

Waters are low and clear. Fish are a little spooky but if you approach them correctly you’ll get a few shots at some great fish. Hoppers are on the menu. Water temps are 58-64. Remember to look for the most active fish in the coldest waters. Go FISH! – Guide Jerry

Week of August 5th 2019

Water levels have returned to normal if not a little low on some systems. Fish are happy during early morning hour and the evenings. Ants, beetles and hoppers are taking fish top. If there is a breeze watch for fish staging for ambush near grassy banks and over hanging tree limbs. Subsurface.. now is the time of the year that trout are pretty opportunistic. Large, hairy, leggy, bright nymphs size 14-10 or medium size streamers size 8-6 will take fish. For the hatch guys we are starting to see Tricos in the morning. Not all systems in our area have this but they are starting to appear and the fishing can be frustratingly rewarding. Get out and FISH! Guide Jerry!

Week of 29 July 2019

Central Wisconsin fishing report by Guide Jerry!

After the wake of the storms that created havoc in the area water levels were quite high and unfishable. Water levels are back in their banks. With the light rain we should see things come back to normal but our systems are pretty saturated. Grassy banks and shaded area’s are your best bet this time of the year. Plan on fishing early mornings and afternoons for the most productive periods of the day. If you’re out mid day have plenty of water and fish in shade. Water temps 58-68. You may want to invest in a thermometer. As some systems rise above the 64 degree mark fishing will slow anything 68 and above can be deadly to fish in. Top flies- think terrestrials! Hoppers, beetles, ants on top. Subsurface same game. Girtle bugs, worms, oversized nymphs! Have fun fishing!

Week of 15 July 2019

Streams are dropping and clearing. It’s terrestrial season! Ants, beetles and hoppers. Fish are really starting to key in on the “plop” that these larger flies make and are willing to move some distance to eat. Of course you’ll want to get as close to the target as you can but this time of the year you can be a little sloppy and the fish are forgiving. We are into full swing summer fishing. Spend your time wisely. Fish early in mornings and evenings for the best results. For the bug guys evening caddis are around a size 14 elk hair will fill the bill nicely. The hex has begun to slow down with a few stragglers popping every night yet. Over to the dark side. If night fishing is your thing, mousing is starting to pick up with fish chasing hard and not afraid of the prey size. Mouse patterns in 2s and 4s. Don’t over look large streamers. Fish are willing to eat them as well. Good luck and go fish! Guide Jerry K.

Week Of July 9th

Water levels are returning to normal. Water is still pretty murky but at least it’s in its banks again. Upper reaches of streams are dropping and clearing. If you can find clear water, fish are looking up and eating well. Terrestrial’s are the main diet now. Fish are watching for the plop of beetles, ants, and hoppers. The hoppers we’re seeing stream side are roughly 14-12 bright green.

Week of 1 July 2019

Streams south of Portage and Wood county saw quite a bit of rain this week. Water levels are back up and the fishing will slow for a few days. The Hex is in full swing with hatches occurring in Wood, Portage, Adams , Waushara and Waupaca Counties. Even with the high water bugs are still coming off. The challenge is to get to your sport safely. With the recent rains events it may slow things down a bit but fish are looking up and are excited for the biomass. Day time fishing has been productive with larger steamers and nymphs. Caddis and cranes when the sun is out. There are still reports of brown drakes and Sulphur’s pre hex fishing so don’t ignore the smaller flies. A few days without rain should get the systems back to normal summer levels.- Guide Jerry

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