Week of June 17th

Streams our out of their banks again with recent rains. Bugs are starting to appear in the lower sections of the white river. Nothing going on locally to the Stevens Point area. Sulphurs, caddis and cranes around. And the fish are looking up. Beetles and Ants have taken off. Fishing some of the smaller water with shorter drainage would be recommended for any anglers wanting to venture out. Otherwise leeches streamers and San Juan worms will pick up fish in the higher water.

Week of 3 June 2019

River banks are back to normal even with showers this week. The water temps have increased slightly to 55 degrees. Caddis for trout has been the “flavor of day”.  Pan fish to include Blue Gills, Sun Fish are just starting to come to the shorelines after the unusually cold month of May.

Week of May 27th 2019

Streams in Portage County are back in their banks. Water temps are consistent 52 degrees and rising with increased temps last weekend and coming days. Trout are rising to Caddis flies in the evening. Water is still dark abut a foot and half of visibility.

Muskies are still “chopping” at the bit currently in the Wisconsin River. Heavier than normal rainfall in May and rising water has not slowed down the fishing. Murky water would encourage anglers to revert back to brighter flies to attract.

Week of May 20th 2019

Temperatures rebound after a very unlike May cool and rainy weekend. The streams and rivers are high with over inch of rainfall. Cloudy waters with swirling sediment will make the early part of this weeks fishing challenging. Later in the week forecast will make favorable conditions and should bring back calming conditions with water tempts back in 50’s.

May 6, 2019

Fishing report for the week of 6 May 2019, Caddis around 10am, Water temps are 49-54 degrees. Water clarity is coming back to our streams. With this week’s rain events things will slow down a bit but should pick up again by the weekend. Lot of standing water locally. Fish are looking up where there are caddis. General size 14 will work but grey black in a size 16-18 are the choice food source right now. Streamers are catching fish still and large scruffy nymphs will take fish also.

May 4, 2019

Streams and Rivers are high but has not effected fishing. The recent rain the area has received has helped move the fish more but has not added to sediment movement or clarity of water. Conditions are currently very good and should continue to improve with temperatures in the coming week slightly rising.

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