Posted: July 16, 2019

Streams are dropping and clearing. It’s terrestrial season! Ants, beetles and hoppers. Fish are really starting to key in on the “plop” that these larger flies make and are willing to move some distance to eat. Of course you’ll want to get as close to the target as you can but this time of the year you can be a little sloppy and the fish are forgiving. We are into full swing summer fishing. Spend your time wisely. Fish early in mornings and evenings for the best results. For the bug guys evening caddis are around a size 14 elk hair will fill the bill nicely. The hex has begun to slow down with a few stragglers popping every night yet. Over to the dark side. If night fishing is your thing, mousing is starting to pick up with fish chasing hard and not afraid of the prey size. Mouse patterns in 2s and 4s. Don’t over look large streamers. Fish are willing to eat them as well. Good luck and go fish! Guide Jerry K.