Posted: May 22, 2021

Fishing report.

With the potential for rain this week, expect water levels to return to normal. We have had an unseasonably dry spring. As waters rise expect to find stained to water. These are some of the best conditions for streamer fishing. They may put the bugs down a little but expect to see caddis, browns, sulphurs making and emergence with the warmer weather to follow. Water temps 52-58 area wide. If your nymphing, you’ll find trout gorging on worms. These rains wash a lot of them into our streams. If that’s not your style, crane fly lava are a huge part if the trout’s diet as well. Caddis are still the main food source on top. If you can find some clear water and see feeding fish. Your traditional elk hair with readily fool them. Have fun.

Get out and fish. – Guide Jerry