Posted: August 18, 2019

With the temps we have seen lately this has been a great summer for trout fishing. Water levels are at late summer levels. Most streams are running low a little low but the fish don’t  seem to  mind. Most systems are gin clear now with a handful of systems a little stained to cloudy. Water temps 58-64. The fish are happily eating most of the day. During the high temp periods of the day focus on shaded areas but don’t overlook the grassy banks in full sun. This too is a shaded area. Remember to bring a thermometer and water along if your going to brave the mid-day hours. Fishing will slow if water temps get above 64 degrees. Terrestrials are the main food course now but evening caddis are returning and on the right system you could have a blast fishing to rising fish in the evening. GET OUT AND FISH!

Guide Jerry