Posted: June 24, 2020

With recent rain events all local streams are very plump full right now. I would suggest you give it a few days to let the ststems return to normal. The hex and brown drake fishing locally has been pretty good but with this heavy rain fall it will put them down for a little while. If you insist on getting out, try the smaller waters. Some streams are returning to their banks. We are fast approaching terrestrial season as the days are warmer and the water temps warming, carry an array of ants and beetles with you. As far as aquatics, caddis, sulphurs, and brown drakes in the evenings, pre hex will bring some fish to hand. Beneath the surface, large scruffy flies and San Juans are catching fish. With the high water don’t over look streamers. Water temps will vary on our systems 58-66 degrees. Go get em- Guide Jerry!