Posted: April 28, 2021

Fishing report.

Caddis! Caddis! Caddis!

They are here and in great numbers. For all the dry fly fishers that have been waiting to throw something larger than a size 18 fly. With the warm up this week look for superb dry fly action on our local streams. Carry and array of sizes with you. They are taking anything from size 18(if you’re into that) to size 12 Caddis imitations. Your elk hairs will devastate their dinner plans. Underneath the water(if you insist), pink squirrels, caddis pupas, PT’s all in larger sizes 14-10 are taking fish. They are putting on the feed. Leeches and streamers fished to shaded banks or in off colored water are still taking some very nice fish. Get out and fish! Enjoy this beautiful weather we’ve got coming.

Guide Jerry