Posted: August 13, 2020
Water temps locally are in great shape! 58-62 on most systems with only a few seeing the mid 60s and above. The recent rains have helped to recharge our systems.
Its trico season. Get out early on the streams and experience some terrific fishing. Still seeing caddis, PMDs, and Iso’s in the evenings. Not too long now and the Ephron’s will be here too.
Mid day- it’s full on terrestrial season out there. Have an array of hoppers, beetles, and ants. Fish the shade when you can. The fish are in full ambush mode and they are very willing to move a long ways for the plop of a terrestrial.
The night fishing is still pretty strong with fish feeding happily on mouse and giant scruffy flies(chubby Chernobyl’s or the likes)skated or shook on the surface.
Remember to bring some water and a thermometer with you. Get out and fish!-Guide Jerry