Posted: May 5, 2021

Fishing report. With the cooler temperatures this week anticipate water temps to come back down to comfortable. Some water temp readings over the opening weekend were 60+. Trout aren’t so happy but neither is the angler. Expect water temps to drop back into the low to mid 50’s. Water level will return to normal in short order.
Hatches caddis, browns, olives are your main food source. Few fish have begun to take beetles and ants also.
Fishing beneath the surface remains solid with fish really putting on the feed bag. Underneath is a bowl of bug soup right now. Caddis, mayflies, worms, scuds, crane flies, you name it they’re eating it. Don’t stress on the patterns too much. Fish you confidence flies and they will eat. Heck, fish your no confidence flie, drift it right, and they’ll eat. The fish are happy.

Get out and fish!  Guide Jerry