One Nation 005: Inert (Decaf)

One Nation Coffee



Introducing our newest roast 005: INERT which is our first and only decaf. In our world, when we train to disarm bombs its not always wise to use the real thing so we use fake or inert training aids that have no explosives in it. In other words, “NO BANG!

Likewise, this 100% Brazilian Arabica roast promises all the same rich smoothness as our other roasts but with NO CAFFEINE aka NO BANG! Want some evening time coffee, have some INERT! Want to enjoy some coffee with your after dinner cheesecake, have some INERT! Pregnant, have some INERT! There are many other situations or reasons why you may need to have some decaf coffee so for all those occasions pick up some INERT and cover you SIX…PM!!!

  • Whole Bean
  • Medium Grind