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Limit Creek – Force M1

Limit Creek

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The Force M1, FAST ACTION fly rod is a carbon blended graphite rod, designed specifically for muskie. A serious tool for serious anglers, pursuing big fish with huge flies.

A. A unique handle configuration combines an extended fore grip and rear grip, allowing the rod to be cast 1 or 2 handed.

This innovative grip design also aids in figure 8’s and hook sets, whether 2 handing or bracing the rear grip against the forearm. The rear grip also moves the main grip forward shortening the casting length of the rod. This creates a mechanical advantage, giving the feel of an 11WT, while offering substantially more power and backbone for fighting fish and setting hooks in the “8”.

B. Recommended 450-600 grain line.

The Force M1 is the ultimate stick for throwing huge flies and fighting big fish in any arena, Fresh or Saltwater.

Made with: High modulus graphite blank (Nano Matrix), CNC machined reel seat, titanium coated snake guides, special Minima stripping guides, smooth matte black finish. Design assistance provided by Gabe Schubert.

*Comes with extra tip section*

Gabe’s Line Recommendations:
SA Sonar Titan H/S2/S4 500gr
SA Sonar Titan Full Intermediate 500gr