Maxxon Outfitters XG Fly Reel

Maxxon Outfitters

From: $39.99

From: $39.99

Made of high-grade graphite and constructed to be light as possible without sacrificing durability, the XG fly reel has a smooth retrieve and powerful center disc-drag system. The v-shaped, large arbor design helps get your line back in a flash and ready for the next battle. With optional spare spools and also offered in a pre-line-loaded configuration, the XG is ready to go anywhere.


  • High-Grade Graphite Construction
  • Durable Lightweight Design
  • V-Shaped Large Arbor Spool
  • Quick Detach Spool with Palming Rim
  • Powerful Center Disc-Drag
  • Easily Converts for Left- or Right-Hand Retrieve
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • XG-3
  • XG-1 Spooled with 4wt Line